Top 10 Best Selling Books of the 1980s

Book cover for The Covenant
Book cover for The Covenant | Source
1. The Covenant – James A. Michener

James A Michener published The Covenant in the year the story in the book ends, 1980.

To say it is an epic does not really do it justice, since it begins in about 1700 BC and moves forward through the centuries to the common era, telling the story of the formation of South Africa as it progresses.

Michener, ever the great researcher does not tell the story from a single viewpoint though and we are told the story of the South African nation from the point of view of members of tribes, Afrikaans, English and actual historical figures too.

He writes at length about the Afrikaans system of Apartheid and offers two possible outcomes to the issue of apartheid in his book – he actually guessed correctly that apartheid would be resolved without bloodshed.
Warning -Violent Clip
2. The Bourne Identity – Robert Ludlum

It is difficult to believe that Robert Ludlum wrote The Bourne Identity as early as the 1980s given its more recent success on the big screen.

Jason Bourne is a retrograde amnesiac who is rediscovering himself after being found floating in the Mediterranean Sea by fisherman.

What becomes clear to the reader is that Bourne is no ordinary Joe.

Robert Ludlum’s book takes the reader on a true spy adventure through the cities of Europe as he takes along an unwitting bystander who happens to get caught up in the action, but with whom Bourne falls in love.

The book investigates the roles of agents and double agents in the American secret service and the book is a page turner because the more you find out about Jason Bourne, the more committed you become to him.

It is a novel with a great storyline – espionage, counter-espionage, good cops and most certainly a few bad ones – high energy from start to finish with amazing twists and turns. A real page tuner!
Sidney Sheldon
Sidney Sheldon | Source
3. Rage of Angels – Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon almost deserves an article of his own to describe and celebrate his life as one of the most prolific writers in the United States.

As well as being an extremely successful fiction writer (the seventh most best-selling in history), he was also a writer of stage musicals, TV series and shows, plays and movie scripts.

He did not write his first novel until he was over fifty but once he started writing novels, there really was no stopping him.

Rage of Angels is one of his best loved books, melding the mafia, American politics, the law, love and romance almost seemlessly.

Jennifer Parker, an inexperienced lawyer at the District Attourney’s office sets up the court case for Mafia boss, Michael Morretti only to have the case thrown out when a bribe is discovered in the case. Her career seems ruined until fellow lawyer Adam decided to support Jennifer’s carrer, convinced she is innocent of any wrongdoing in the Morretti case.

In a clever parallel, Sheldon aslo has Michael Morretti fall in love with Jennifer and the two men fight for her affections as she rebuilds her stalling career in the law.

Sheldon excelled in his ability to weave several story lines together in the same novel. This gave all of his novels a rather epic feel; Rage of Angels is no exception.
Judith Krantz
Judith Krantz | Source
4. Princess Daisy – Judith Krantz

Like Sidney Sheldon, Judith Krantz came to fiction writing later in life and did not publish her first novel, Scruples until she was fifty years old.

Princess Daisy broke records when it was released when Krantz was paid an amazing five million dollars advance.

Judith Krantz had been a successful journalist for women’s magazines before choosing to stay at home and raise her sons. She did freelance work from home and seemed satisfied with this until her husband suggested she try to write fiction because of her natural storytelling skills.

In spite of believing that she would fail, she turned out to be one of America’s most popular romantic fiction authors, enjoying success with Scruples, Princess Daisy, Mistral’s Daughter and I’ll Take Manhattan.

Judith Krantz continues to write very good romance novels and is a born storyteller; many of her books have been adapted for television including Scruples, Princess Daisy and Mistral’s Daughter.
Stephen King Interview- he’s never dull!
5. Firestarter – Stephen King

Firestarter is a book which opens with a bang as the reader finds themselves literally in the midst of a crisis as a man, Andy McGee attempts to run away with his young daughter, Charlie, from the government.

Andy McGee and his wife were once part of a government drug research programme which left them both with special powers. The government are tracking down those who participated on the research project known as ‘the shop’.

Government agents know that Charlie has been born with a rather startling power, pyrokenesis, the ability to start fires just with the power of her mind.

The book is set in the present moment and is very high energy, a real page turner as the reader is desperate to find out if Andy and Charlie are going to escape the clutches of The Shop’s government agents.

Stephen King cleverly switches from the present to scary flashbacks where we see the development of Charlie’s amazing superpower against a backdrop of personal loss and the government’s obsession with capturing the child firestarter.

Stephen King always sets his stories at the perfect pace and once you pick up this book, you won’t want to put it back down.
6. The Key to Rebecca – Ken Follett

Ken Follett is an author, more lately of historical epics like Pillars of the Earth and World Without End, both of which was recently adapted with great success for television.

However, his earlier novels are a hotch potch of entertaining storytelling, largely written from the viewpoint of the central protagonist. Follett is the king of pacing a novel and does so with some success on all of his early novels.

He turned to writing about espionage in 1978 with his first truly bestselling novel, Eye of The Needle and followed this with his novel, Triple in 1979 which was also a best seller.

The Key To Rebecca is the third and arguably, best of his spy novels.

It is based on the true story of German spy, Johannes Eppler who was born in Egypt, lived a rather exuberant and sensual life but was fiercely nationalistic and served Hitler as an agent during World War Two.

Follett based his lead character in The Keys To Rebecca, Alex Wolff on Eppler but with more dramatic license. The story of Eppler has also been fictionalised to a lesser or greater degree by Michael Ondaatje and Len Deighton because he did lead an extraordinary life and his biography is truly a story begging to be told.

Follett’s writing is not to everybody’s tastes because he can fall into rather formula driven plotting but there is no denying his skills as a story teller and even using a real life story here, he imbues Eppler’s story with really exciting plotlines and builds tensions throughout the book; also making full use of the Egyptian landscapes, both urban and desert.
Belva Plain – one of the 1980s popular authors of books for women, sweeping drama made a comeback,
Belva Plain – one of the 1980s popular authors of books for women, sweeping drama made a comeback,
7. Random Winds – Belva Plain

Belva Plain writes what we might call historical novels or sagas. Usually, her novels involve immigrants finding their feet for the first time in their new home, the United States of America.

Her better known, and maybe, better loved novel, Evergreen was a best selling novel in the 1970s and it could be argued that many of its readers thereafter followed Belva Plain’s writing.

Random Winds is similar to Evergreen in that it is a tale of three generations of the Farrell family, all of them, doctors.

Martin Farrell does not want to tread in his father Enoch’s footsteps as a country doctor driven to his grave early by overwork but he cannot afford to work as a brain surgeon without some financial support.

He married the woman who might enable his ambition when actually, he is in love with her sister and from this action is his life decided.

Belva Plain writes on an epic scale and Random Winds is another of her ‘big’ books. She expertly weaves poverty and wealth, ambition and apathy, love, marriage, infidelity and death with an ease other authors must envy.
8. The Devil’s Alternative – Frederick Forsyth

Frederick Forsyth’s The Devil’s Alternative started life a screenplay, The Alternative, which never made it to the screen. Frederick Forsyth knew he had a good story and rewrote it as a novel.

It melds espionage with cold war sensibilities and includes the dissident Ukranians, Americans, Russians and Europeans all trying to muscle in on a Russian shortage of wheat.

It is incredible to think that something as dull as a failed harvest could cause such tumult but Forsyth is the king of pace and also a master of building national tensions against a backdrop of political intrigue as the Americans and Europeans appear to be being outflanked by a Russian government prepared to invade European countries and take the wheat for free.

The novel features fictional representations of Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Carter and Cyrus Vance.

How to Make Money Selling Books Online on

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I first started selling books when I was in college. Like many students, I was really needing to make some money.

At the end of the semester, I found that students would leave stuff that they didn’t want in the donation bins which were in the basement of the dorms. I started looking through the donation bins, and to my surprise, sometimes I found textbooks! Knowing how expensive textbooks are, I was quick to figure out that I could sell them online! This is how I began selling books.

Of course that source dried up after the semester was over with, so if I wanted to keep making money, I would have to find more books to sell. I had to make a leap from selling books I found for free to buying books for resell. I started to go to thrift stores and talk to my husband on the phone and ask him to look up the value of books I found.

Now, I use my smartphone to look up books at thrift stores. I also buy some books online. It takes a lot of experience and learning to know which books might be valuable. Trial and error, online research, and reading bookselling blogs, are just some of the ways I’ve learned which books might be worth buying!

There is a learning curve in doing anything that’s really worth doing. Selling books is no different. I also branched out and began selling other things and on other websites like Ebay. (If Ebay interests you, check out my article on increasing Ebay sales.)
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and that’s why it’s a good place to start.

You can sell lots of things on Amazon: books, CDs, DVDs, movies, toys, and even electronics, if you are approved. Actually, you can (try to) sell almost anything on their website.

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It’s important to start out on the right foot. When you sell on Amazon, you are selling on a worldwide marketplace of high stature, and it’s important that you provide excellent customer service so that you will receive stellar feedback and build an honest reputation.
How much is that book worth? – type it into the search here to find out!

It’s best to enter the ISBN number, usually on the back of the book or on the copyright page.

You can start now by entering the ISBN number in the white search box below, and then clicking “GO.”
Internet Bookselling Made Easy!: How to Earn a Living Selling Used Books Online (Volume 1)
Internet Bookselling Made Easy!: How to Earn a Living Selling Used Books Online (Volume 1)
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That’s not going to cut it.
How much money will I make?
Remember that Amazon takes a commission!

When you list an item on Amazon, Amazon will tell you what you will get if the item sells. Make sure that this is enough money to cover the cost of shipping it, packaging it, and taking it to the post office (unless you are doing carrier pickup).

Amazon takes a 15% commission, plus they deduct a 99 cent fee, plus a variable closing fee. This variable closing fee is deducted from the shipping cost that the buyer pays and the amount depends on the shipping method. Often, after the variable closing fee is deducted from the shipping amount paid, the amount you will receive for shipping will be less than you might actually have to pay for shipping. If you are sending the item by Media Mail and it is a standard book (not very heavy) the difference might only be about $1. However, that means to break even, you’ll have to sell the book for at least $3. This is an approximate guess. If you’re going to sell books for this cheap, make sure that you do the math!

Since I value my time, I don’t usually sell books for under $10…. Although I used to. Of course money does add up, so if you can sell a lot of books and make a buck on each one, then that’s great. But if you are only selling a few books, is your time and effort worth it?

Look for high value books… You will be much more pleased with the money you can make!!
Where to find books to resell? – Building your inventory takes some work!

Here’s a list I wrote in a notebook a number of years ago.

Yard & Estate Sales – Look in the newspaper & on craigslist
Library Sales – Locate library book sales here.
University Book Sales – Call University Libraries
Bookstore Sales – Look for a Bargains Table
Thrift Stores
Independent Book Stores – sometimes you can find underpriced treasures!
Church Rummage Sales

Make Money Selling Used Books Online

It used to be said that print books were doomed as e-book sales were increasing exponentially. However, this trend has slowed right down and print books are holding their own. The Publisher’s Association reports that the consumer e-book market grew from £20m ($26m) in 2010 to £275m ($358m) in 2014; a rate of growth over 4 years of nearly 1,300%. But when these figures are broken down, the final year of this amazing growth spurt (2013/ 14) shows a year on year increase for the e-book market of just 5%. Overall this still leaves 80% of new books (a sizeable majority) that are produced and sold as traditional print books.

There is potential for you to start a home based business reselling these physical print books. Many books are read once (or not at all) and then given to a thrift shop, sold at auction or discarded by being left on public transport. There are many reasons for preowned books coming onto the market. Sometimes the original book owner wants to make space in their home or they may want to buy an updated version of the same book. Perhaps they want to raise some cash. Whatever their reasons you can grab a bargain and sell them on at a profit.
Pre-owned Books
Do you buy or sell second-hand books online?

Yes, I buy and sell used books online
I buy used books online, but do not sell any.
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Second Hand or Rare and Collectable

There are two main categories of second-hand books. The first and most common is that of a book which has been owned by someone else (yourself or another person) and is now being resold at a percentage of the original cover price. This category could include textbooks for students, popular fiction, or ordinary books which are being sold off following the death of their original owner.

The second and smaller category is that of rare and collectable books. This is a specialist market in which the book’s value is determined not just by its condition and rarity, but also by investment potential. The values in this sector of the second-hand book market can be highly volatile.

The way you describe your books online is crucially important to a successful sale. Photographs as well as words can help a potential buyer understand exactly what you are selling. They need to know not just the title and date of publication of the book, but also a detailed description of its condition. This is especially important for higher value items.
Clearly Describe Your Books

Photos and descriptions of your books are a key part of your marketing. Be as detailed and accurate as possible. If a website allows you to do so, post lots of photos. These should show the front back and spine of the book, as well as any illustrations. If there is any damage, it is best to include a photo of this as well.

The description of your book should include the date of publication, title and author, as well as the illustrator (if relevant). If it is a modern book it will also have an ISBN number which is a unique identifier relating to the publishing format and date of publication. If there is anything unique about the book, for example it is signed by the author then this should also be included in the description.

The book should be presented in as clean a condition as possible. However if there are any marks these should be noted in the description. It’s not a good idea to try and remove them with modern chemicals as this can damage the paper or binding. You can quickly reduce a valuable book to scrap paper by thinking restoration is easy!

The History And Development Of Affiliate Marketing

Internet marketing could also be called online marketing, e-Marketing, web marketing, or i-Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is an Internet marketing structure that is usually neglected by the advertisers. To understand more about this marketing strategy, a quick look on its origin would be a good preference.

Four years after the beginning of the World Wide Web, which is in 1994, e-commerce or online commerce evolved with the concept of revenue sharing. This concept meant giving off commissions as businesses are referred through web links. It was noted that a cost per click program went with the affiliate marketing trend during its first years. To add, affiliate marketing grew very fast from the time it started its operations. E-commerce site became an important part of business plans.

In November of 1994, a BuyWeb program was launched. It was from a web site that sells music albums. This was also the web site that initiated the idea of an affiliate program with the concept of click-through purchasing. The program went with scheme intended for websites that were inclined with music. Those websites were encouraged to review or make a list of albums on this site that sells the albums. The reviews or listings were for the potential customers. The musically inclined websites could also have a link to take the web guests directly to this site that sells music albums, and make their purchases.

Furthermore, an online site selling books started its affiliate program a few years later. This was in 1996. The associates or affiliates of this site could have banners or text links on their sites designed for distinctive book purchases; or to be directed to the book selling web home page. Then, when the web guests from an affiliate web site clicked on the link to the book selling web site and bought an item, the affiliate site would have a commission. This book selling site was not the primary business that dealt with an affiliate program but it was the first one to be popular with the program and even became the exemplary of the successive programs.

Looking closely at it, affiliate marketing is a program that must always be considered by business owners. It has a strong potential on pushing the business to meet its sales target and even go over it. The compensation methods involved with it would attract a lot of webmasters or site owners to have a business link or banner in their site, leading to an affiliate site to get the commission or referral bonus they could get.

Affiliate marketing is best for online merchants since it utilizes a pay per performance scheme. This implies that the business owner will not have any marketing expenditures unless the results are evident; except for preliminary setup cost if there is any.

On the other hand, there were also issues on affiliate marketing because of the minimal control with the process. There are affiliates that engaged with spams, forced clicks, false advertising, and other ways to drive traffic to the business site or sponsor. This is the reason to be aware of the whole mechanism before signing up with an affiliate marketing program.

Tips For Selling Ebooks

Selling eBooks on the internet is one of the popular ways of making money in the internet marketing industry. If you are planning to write and sell an eBook then here are my tips on how you can make your ebook a top seller:

1. Write about something you are passionate about. If you do not know the topic well then hire some one who knows the topic well to write the ebook.

2. You are going to be selling the ebook so make sure it is a professional job – well written and well presented.

3. Have a good long sales letter on your website. Include all the features of the book. Don’t promise what your book does not deliver.

4. The ebook should be instantly delivered to the customer after the payment is made. Designing this feature for your first website can be a bit tricky but once you get familiarized with the procedure, you will find it to be quite an easy process.

5. Charge based on the value you offer in the ebook. Research what the other similar print books are selling for and then charge accordingly.

6. Offer some free bonus ebooks. The bonus books have to be related to the subject of your ebook.

7. And finally the ebook covers have to look professional. Many writers put little thought into the covers. There are many free ebook covers on the internet and it is very easy to get tempted to go with one of these free offers. But the problem is that these ebook covers do not look professional. eBook covers are equivalent to the packaging of a physical product. Your visitor can be put off if it is an ugly looking cover. Invest some money in a good ebook cover generator software. You can get a good software package for about 30 dollars. Most of the cover generators come with many templates for your covers and you can pick the one that best suits your needs. And the best part is that this is a one time investment. The ebook software can be used again and again for all your future ebooks.

Book Expert Marketing – Position Yourself As The Expert And Make Money

What makes you an expert?

Quite often the only thing that differentiates a known expert from a closet expert is that the known expert has authored a book.

What is an expert? Simply put, it is a word used to describe someone who is very knowledgeable about or skillful in a specific area. When you write a book on a certain topic, you are instantly considered an expert and others will trust your opinions and, in most cases, be willing to pay for them.

In fact, you can easily make six figures and more each year by leveraging the fact that you are a published author. Many authors miss the financial jackpot when they write their book because they are focused on the old publishing model.

Making money from royalties can be tough, and not very many authors are able to make any substantial amount of money this way. Selling books in bookstores can be one of the worst ways to monetize your new found fame. That is the bad news.

The good news is that if marketed properly, your book can be the start of a sales funnel, which can generate huge sums of money by selling back end services and information in the same niche. Your book will be the start of a very lucrative sales funnel that could never be matched by a simple business card.

After you have written your book, it will be like a sales person working 24 hours a day promoting your good name. You are paid money for your book and it does the selling for you. Shoppers can purchase your book at anytime, day or night, online or in a bookstore and you need not do anything further. As an author, you can literally make money in your sleep.

As an author, your best source of revenue will likely derive from the fact that you will be able to market yourself as a published author and generate an impressive stream of income through information products, coaching, continuity programs consulting, public speaking and other similar avenues. What will be your most effective marketing tool? Your book, of course.

Here are three ways to leverage your book into profits:

1. Use your book as a business card to sell your core services like seminars, workshops, consulting services or even other products.

2. Use your book to gain status as an expert and open up more career opportunities like public speaking, radio or talk shows, and seminars.

3. Use your book to launch a one on one coaching or consulting service.

Once you’re considered an expert on a particular subject be it horses, cleaning products, telekinesis, or advanced data storage and integration, opportunities will open up for you. Recognize and capitalize on these opportunities and gain great wealth.

Selling Books From Home For Financial Independence

Selling books from home is a great opportunity because just about everyone loves to read. Every year more and more books are available. No matter what kind of books interest you, the industry is going strong.

There are several ways to sell books from home:

Selling books online
Selling books on Amazon
Selling books to Libraries
Selling books on eBay
Selling used books from your garage, basement or spare room.
Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing
There are several ways to start your book selling business. However, the majority of MLM’s focus on children’s books, so make sure you are comfortable with that before signing up. The first step is to join a book distribution company and sell the books through home parties, to schools and libraries, and book fairs. Another option is to invest in a personalized book company.

Joining a distribution company or Multi Level Marketing company to start your book selling business has start up costs ranging from $200 to over $1000, depending on the company and what you are required to purchase to start. However, this cost does include everything you need to get started including several products to show, all paperwork and may even include a website.

These companies offer your book selling business training and support. Many of these companies truly want the business owners to succeed, because it moves their products. When they offer web sites, you may have to follow their template and they may help you or have already created content that is search engine optimized.

The commission structure can go up to 50% depending on the item you sell. Some offer bonuses and specials to their affiliates, and you are not required to keep a large inventory. You should only have an inventory that is large enough to show the variety of titles and age groups, but not overwhelm your customers. You place the order for the books as the orders come to you. The parent company then ships you the ordered titles and you take them to the hostess or client.

Another way to earn income is to sponsor other people who want to start a book selling business. Every sale they make and every person they sponsor adds to your income. You will help them to become successful as your sponsor helped you.

So with this option you can make money several ways. You can hold home parties and book fairs, or sell to libraries, schools and daycare centers in your area, and you can sponsor others. Plus you can usually get a web site through the parent company or make one of your own if they don’t offer it. This type of book selling business will go as far as you want to take it.

Other Multi-Level Marketing companies specialize in personalized children’s books. Even though publishing has come a long way, some of these companies can have extremely high start up costs.

Many require you to purchase inventory and software. They train you to use the software, but you have to choose how many of each title you will need and hope you are right. Some even require that you purchase a minimum number of each title, which can cause start up costs to run into the thousands and leave you with unused inventory.

But kids and parents love these books. Parents are always ready to buy a personalized book for their child to make them feel special. So, although you may incur steep start up costs for your book selling business, you should see a profit within the year of business if you work hard.

Some of these MLM’s are getting away from required inventory and cutting the start up costs by allowing you to purchase a set of CDs so you can print the books digitally. The books stay on your computer and you print them off as needed. The parent company may require your home book business to purchase the paper and binding material from them to ensure the quality of the books remain constant, but this is still cheaper and less bulky then ordering inventory.

You can print a bunch out as samples and have home parties. Many of these companies offer web sites in their packages. Even if they don’t, web sites are essential and minimal in cost and many providers have generic templates to help you set up your web site. Personalized book companies give a suggested retail price, you are always able to change it as you feel is appropriate.

A book selling business is a great way to meet people of all ages and share your love for books with them. It can be worked as a full or part time career, depending on how much and how fast you want your business to grow.

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Best Place to Sell Books for Cash Online

If you looking to perform that dreaded spring clean and at the same time maybe sell some of your unwanted and disused possessions which are just taking up space in your home. Then it’s well worth considering selling some of your idle books for cash.

But for those who are ‘time poor’ where are the best places to sell books for cash?

The obvious answer would be to list your unwanted books on ebay, but have you checked out books auctions on eBay lately? eBay is saturated with people trying to sell their already read and used books for cash on the auction site.

Typically, eBay is not only time consuming but the prices you can ask for most books are very low. So low in fact when you factor in your time organizing eBay listings for your books and the cost of your listings, you will find you will be lucky to come out of the whole sordid exercise with any real profit to write home about.

Unless you have a collector’s edition of a book or have a rare and collectible book or a book which was written by a famous and acclaimed author complete with personalized signature. Selling books of high production print runs on eBay is pretty much a mugs game!

After striking eBay off of your list of online places to sell books for cash, what about Amazon?

One of the biggest pains with selling your used and unwanted books on Amazon is the measly sum you are offered for your used books on Amazon.

Also you have to wait for someone to actually buy your listing from the Amazon site before you even hope to see any money, and at the best of times this can take some time, and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all and you may need to cancel the whole process just to be able to sell your unsold literary collection somewhere else which equates to a huge mess!

So crossing the headache that is Amazon off your potential list of best places to sell books for cash online, what other options are available where you can sell your beloved used books quickly and easily online for some cold hard cash!

One new and exciting option is selling your unwanted books to an online book buyback merchant. There are a growing number of online book buyback merchants offering a fast and convenient method of selling your used and unwanted books for quite reasonable prices.

What to look for in a book buyback merchant.

When selecting an online book buyback service, it pays to stick with a merchant who is a member of the Better Business Bureau just for peace of mind and quality of service.

Select an online book buyer with an extensive used book merchant network such as McKenzie Books. Large used books merchants have no problem reselling a broad range of books at competitive prices and this helps when you have a large used book collection that you would like to sell which may even include course text books.

Look for a used book online merchant that provides an easy to use online selling and price quoting system. Most top book buyback sites have a time saving and easy to use ISBN or (International Standard Book Number) submission form so you can not only get instant price quotes on your used books, but quickly and easily create a selling list and finalize the buyback of your used books.

One of the most innovative offerings that online book merchants are offering is iPhone and Android applications which you can use to price and sell used books on the go! This is a highly useful feature if you are considering becoming a part-time freelance book merchant where you can quite literally scout flea markets and garage sales to buy and resell used books for some extra cash.

A great feature that has become the standard for book buyback merchants is that the merchant will pay the freight of the book collection that your selling. Usually a minimum sale amount is required to qualify for free postage, but even the most modest unwanted book collections easily qualify. The free pre-paid postage is calculated by estimated weight from the information gathered from each books ISBN number and your pre-paid postage slip is usually emailed to you so all you have to do is print the form and tape it to the packing box.

So the next time you’re considering a good spring clean and you’re looking for the best places to Sell Books for Cash online. Be sure to scout out some of the most reputable online book buyback sites for a quick and easy way to sell your unwanted books.

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New Sefika Award honours legends in bookselling industry, new author

The South African Booksellers Association along with the Publishers Association of South Africa (PASA) celebrated the annual Sefika on 30 August 2016 to honour the booksellers and publishers around South Africa that promote reading.
After a long day of hard debate and discussions around the intricacies of the book trade, held during the co-located AGMs, members of both associations gathered to celebrate the successes generated by working together and most importantly the business of the book.

New Sefika Award honours legends in bookselling industry, new author

By bringing booksellers and publishers from around the country together annually to discuss matters of general interest, the two associations are able to identify many concerns in the industry and work together towards solutions.

The two associations strive to work together to encourage healthy trade relations, which recognise the respective roles within the book value chain, of the publishers as creators and wholesale distributors, and booksellers as the retailers of books.

The evening gala event, sponsored by Nielsen, Novus Holdings, Imperial Sasfin Logistics, Geodis Wilson and SAPnet, is arranged to thank and celebrate both booksellers and publishers for the roles they play in promoting literacy and a culture of reading by producing and selling quality books in South Africa.

Bookseller Awards

Best Academic: Van Schaik Bookstore
Best Education: Boeke 24/7
Best Trade (Chain Stores): Exclusive Books
Best Trade (Independent): The Book Lounge
Library Supplier: Caxton Books

Publisher Awards

Trade Publisher: Penguin Random House
Academic Publisher: Juta & Company
Education (Large): Pearson Education SA
Education (Small): Berlut Books

Legends Awards

A new category, sponsored by Exclusive Books was profiled on this evening and this was presented to four legends in the bookselling trade, people who have dedicated their lives to selling books and to supporting everyone in the trade to do so successfully.

Benjamin Trisk, the MD of Exclusive Books regaled the audience with tales of yore before calling up Maureen Hargraves of Hargraves Library Suppliers, Henrietta Dax of Clarkes Bookshop, Fleur Mcfarlane of Exclusive Books and Peter Adams of Adams Booksellers.

Nielsen Booksellers Choice Awards

The final award for the evening, the Nielsen Booksellers Choice Award is bestowed upon a local author for a South African published book that booksellers most enjoyed selling or that sold so well that it made a difference to the bottom line of booksellers across the country. This is a very special award and the industry as a whole celebrated a new novelist, Sally Andrew, for her book Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mystery. A diverting read, published by the best Trade Publisher of the year 2016: Random House South Africa.

The short-listed books were:

Death By Carbs by Paige Nick (published by Bookstorm)
Ikarus by Deon Meyer (published by Human & Rousseau)
Immer Wes by Irma Joubert (published by LAPA Publishers)
Little Suns by Zakes Mda (published by Random House South Africa)
Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mystery by Sally Andrew (published by Random House South Africa)
Sweet Medicine by Panashe Chigumadzi (published by Jacana Media)

How domain name and web hosting impact SEO

When starting an online store or e-commerce business, online exposure is one of your top priorities. You want to have good rankings, good traffic and positive conversion. It may appear that a website’s domain name and the hosting service you use do not play a significant role, but they can greatly impact your SEO – so more time needs to be devoted to choosing the best available options. Let’s explore these options.
How domain name and web hosting impact SEO
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Uniformity between a company’s official name and website URL

If you want to build trust between you and your consumers, it would be wise for both your official store and online store to have the same name. Unfortunately, getting the domain name you want can be difficult, and people usually compromise in this area. However, if you are starting a new company – especially if it’s an online-based business – you have an advantage; you can find a domain name you like first and then name your company after it.

Keyword detection

An important aspect of finding an adequate domain name is keyword search. If you want exceptional visibility, your domain name should contain a keyword that is related to either your products or services. Good examples include: Bookdepository (for selling books), Bustmold (mold removal services), Mangareader (a website with digital versions of manga comics). This way, when people google the product they want to buy, if the product is in the name, the site will be more visible.

When you are picking a name for your site, it should be easy to remember and easy to spell. The name should consist of either one or two words, and one of those words should be the name of the product or service.

Server uptime

It is imperative that your website is available for customers 24/7. If your site is frequently unavailable, then one of its essential purposes is defeated. The more people you drive away the less traffic you will generate. It is a major deal-breaker if a hosting service can’t guarantee that your site will be up and running 99,99% of the time.

For a website that simply displays content, this may not be too harmful, but for an e-commerce website server uptime is a major priority. A good web hosting service can provide desirable uptime, good page speed, and various other perks like a free domain. You need to be aware what defines a good hosting provider if you want to run a successful website with decent traffic. In the long run, websites that are unavailable too often fall in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and this means that all your SEO efforts are wasted.

Loading speed

Kissmetrics has a wonderful infographic that explains how page loading speed can affect your traffic. Basically, a response that is delayed for one second can result in 7% of lost conversion, whereas a two second delay can spike that loss up to 40%. Of course, this responsiveness is also influenced by the server’s location. To be more precise it is influenced by distance of geolocation between the server and the user. A good web hosting service should provide you with distributive power, i.e. it should have a content delivery network that can ensure that your site is stored on more than one server.

Accessibility in form of payment systems

A mutually satisfactory transaction is something that can bring your customers back for another shopping tour. One way to ensure this positive experience is to have numerous payment gateways integrated into your website or online store. Furthermore, to make sure you build a solid bond of trust with your customers, you need to analyse the payment gateway server security of your online store which, once again, a good web host should be able to provide.

Your web host plays an important role in how satisfied your customers will be with your online store. As long as you meet their needs in terms of payment gateways, quick responsiveness, and if your customer support acts swiftly (your host should also make sure that your customer support chat is fully operational), you will have a good start. Remember to pay close attention to your name as well, because it will ensure that your site is more easily discovered.